Sunk by the Germans in 1941, discovered by Cousteau in the 50s, forgotten once more till the 70s, this wreck is a legend among divers!

Thistlegorm is a massive ship, 127m long, 18 m wide and a diver needs more than one dive to properly explore it.

Locomotives and trucks, jeeps and motorcycles, airplane engine parts and wings, riffles and boots, and many other smaller or bigger objects, make this dive unique.

I tried to recreate the mysterious ambiance of the wreck through my footage and the exceptional music of Mr David Arnold (Quantum of Solace) and of Mr Jablonsky (the Island). I hope you will enjoy it and feel the need of diving it! If you want to learn more information about it, and how to dive the shipwreck of Thistlegorm, check out the post.

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