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Anyone who is reasonably fit, can learn how to dive, and do that in a very safe and enjoyable way.
Men and women from 10 years old, up to 90 years old can practice the sport together with their dive buddies and / or diving guides.
The only prerequisite is to know how to swim! Diving is not a particularly demanding physical activity and is actively enjoyed by people of all ages and physical readiness.
If you have any medical issue, give us a call and we shall direct you to the proper physicians accordingly.

Yes! A special diving activity called a “Try SCuba Dive” can be arranged for you to experience diving in a very safe and fun way. After a brief introduction to the basic science and physiology of diving, you will be introduced to the SCUBA gear and be instructed in its safe use. Then experienced trainers will take you to the shallows and introduce you to the wonders of diving in a safe, controlled and enjoyable way! Come and try it.

Children can learn how to dive from as early as the age of 10. They can even do it together with their parents, so that the whole of the family can enjoy this activity.
Our diving school has dedicated equipment for children that are properly sized for them. Kids of all ages are guaranteed to have a blast learning how to dive! A wonderful activity that they will enjoy for the rest of their lives
There are two elements to learning how to dive: Diving theory (understanding the physiology of diving) and performing a number of controlled dives that will teach you how to be safe and enjoy your time underwater.
The theory is delivered through a combination of “class-like” discussions and presentations by your dive instructor and online self-study. This is a process that can take up to 10-15 hrs of study over a couple of days.
A minimum of 9 dives are required in general for the average person to familiarize themselves with the diving equipment, the safety procedures and how we interact with each-other and the underwater environment.
Depending on your personal schedule these dives can be performed over 2-3 weekends or 4 to 5 weekdays, depending on a schedule agreed with you.
No it is not. It is a set of skills that you acquire and improve over time. Each diver enjoys different aspects of diving and improves/augments his or her skills at their own pace.
The cost of renting equipment and arranging for a dive with your favourite diving center is no more expensive than a decent meal at a restaurant you enjoy and will leave you with far more in terms of memories and feel-good factor than any restaurant will ever will!
No you don’t! The vast majority of divers, even those that dive at every vacation they take or every weekend, will only rent their diving gear and do not really own anything.
But even buying at least parts of your diving gear is not particularly expensive as the gear will last you well over 20 years with only minimum of maintenance and provide you with countless hours of fulfilment and enjoyment.
SCUBA diving is an incredibly safe activity thanks to the efforts of certification agencies and the diving industry to put safety to the core of their activities.
Safety is the number one priority of every one involved in your training and you will be able to experience and appreciate this from your very first introduction to the sport.
Every day, millions of people of every age enjoy this incredibly rewarding activity in complete safety. Come and learn how to dive!

Most of the diving centers in Athens respect their clientele. You have to make sure that they follow all the standards and procedures put by the authorities.
Or simply come and dive with us, Aqualized Dive Adventures, and never worry about a thing!

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