Family & Group Activities

In Athens for holidays with your family? Give yourselves and the kids an unforgettable experience. Rest assured that it will stay with you for the rest of your life! Enjoy with us family and group activities in the sea!
With right sized equipment for kids and teenagers, experience the underwater world in the warm waters of the Aegean. Stay relaxed and enjoy your activity with the safety that our professional staff can offer. 
A Discovery Scuba experience is the first step in a life-long love affair with the underwater world and the sea! So don’t miss the opportunity of this experience, for adults and kids alike! 
Contact our team today to learn how you can start! 
Family Package – Discover Scuba
Get to know SCUBA diving with a Try Scuba Diving program near Athens. Accompanied by an experienced instructor, you will get a first glimpse of the enchanting underwater world. With the use of an breathing apparatus (SCUBA, self-contained underwater breathing apparatus) you will explore a new world.
We have the right kid and teenage-sized diving equipment so that the whole family can enjoy their first experience of the underwater world in comfort and absolute safety. Our professional, highly experienced staff are waiting to give you all the information you will need to offer your family a truly unforgettable experience.  
Family Package – Diving Certification
So, if your stay in Athens extents to 5 days or more, you can get your family certified as an Open water Diver and dive all over the world!
The Open Water Diver course is the first level of diving certifications. Once certified, you can dive safely to a maximum depth of 18 meters!
Contact our professional staff to find out how you can plan this first step into the incredible underwater world! 
Family Package – Snorkeling 
Don’t limit your swimming and sunbathing experience in Athens to popular and often over-crowded beaches. With our boat you can explore hard-to-reach beaches, secluded bays and dive underneath ancient monuments overlooking the sea! We provide you with suitable masks and fins, wet suits and the safety of our experienced personnel to make this a memorable day out for the whole of the family.