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pajama fish

How to hide an eye!

Let us address an evolutionary adaptation that is evident when viewing underwater macro photos.

A lot of creatures need to conceal their appearance either for protection from hunters, or because they are hunters themselves and do not want to reveal their location.

As most photographers know, one of the best ways to locate a creature hidden among weeds, corals, rocks, etc is to look for the regular pattern of its eyes. Been round, symmetrical, and quite often black, it is easy to look for them among the background.
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May 30, 2013 Babis Sfougaris General 0
global map

Hello World!

geo underwaterI always wanted to be an astronaut.

It could not be any simpler than that.

I studied physics to understand nature and become an astronaut.

I fell in love with scuba diving because it gave me the experience of weightlessness without being in outer space. I was, at last, able to hover freely in three-dimensional space.

Since my early days in the industry, I tried to understand what fueled my obsession with diving and traveling.

In the beginning -I am now certain- it was pure ego. Diving gave me the opportunity to distinguish myself, to be different.


But as I carried on diving, I realized that I was fulfilling a far more profound need.

The more I dive, the more clear I see that I am part of a greater system that is interconnected and functions as a whole. The more I travel, the more conscious of this reality of oneness I become.

Astronauts experience this “overview effect” when they look back on Earth from orbit.

I travel and dive to experience the same “overview effect”, the gentle embrace of Mother Sea.

Join me in this travel quest; our blue planet is full of extraordinary discoveries!

Geo Delveroudis

May 28, 2013 Geo Delveroudis General 6